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Secure Online Casino

Casino Titan is one of the world's premier online casino gaming institutions committed to operating in a legal and regulated environment. Furthermore, we take every security precaution, and have installed sophisticated technology, to ensure that only players who are eligible are served, and that no players are allowed to play from jurisdictions that prohibit Internet gambling.

We deploy the most sophisticated technology available today including encryption and firewall technology to protect your security, your privacy, and to ensure that you experience fair play. By using industrial grade encryption technology (1024 bit RSA key exchange and 448 bit Blowfish), we provide protection for your data far in excess of the more common commercial grade SSL protection. This same technology is being utilized by major financial institutions worldwide.

All banking transactions are settled by international financial institutions with high standards of confidentiality and secure networks. Access to account information is also restricted by a player's unique sign in ID and password.

We do not tolerate fraudulent activity on our site. Any such activity will result in immediate account termination, forfeiture of any winnings and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution of the player.

At Online Casino Titan your protection is our priority!

Casino Titan is the most trusted online casino and gambling room on the web. Play online casino games like Slots, Roulette & Blackjack.